Only in Hollywood can they actually announce the wrong movie winning best picture.. and its something we will sleep well about! ~~ Lynda

And only Hollywood would find a way to make it all about Trump!

I stopped watching the Oscars, the Golden Globes and many others since now its just an excuse to bash.  This year was even worse than any year before..

I just am not going to subject myself to their poison frankly

I don’t find it funny and I can laugh as good as anyone.. thanks, no thanks


The majority of the time, the movies that I enjoy the most, are generally the movies that don’t get any mention in these award shows.. so these award shows are really nothing more in my mind, but these Elites congratulating themselves, on what they call celebrating the arts, but most of what they celebrate are not the movies I would chose to watch, just sayin!

I think these award shows are a total joke.

I wonder if there will be recounts? Is it going to be contested?

Rush Limbaugh has some great commentary on it here


Mike Huckabee had this to say:

Critics will blame it on the rising number of entertainment options, like video games and YouTube stars, but one reason they’re rising is that they don’t start out calling half of their target audience fools and bigots. No, if the Oscar ratings are a disaster, then, to borrow the Obama-era term for “terrorism,” they are a “man-made disaster.” Or to put it in more clinical terms, they are symptoms of an epidemic infecting every common cultural touchstone of American life: the politicization of everything. And the infection is being spread deliberately by the “progressive” left, the Typhoid Mary of divisiveness.

Americans have always had political differences, but we put them aside after elections, shook hands and got back to our lives. Those lives included many things that we all talked about around the water cooler the next day. Sure, they were basically meaningless (even in 1952, did anyone seriously think “The Greatest Show on Earth” was the Best Picture of the year when “Singin’ In The Rain” wasn’t nominated?) But they gave us all something to bond over, a common topic for fun debate without any rancor. Now, thanks to the left’s endless campaign to inject politics into every nook and cranny of life, here’s a far-from-complete list of some safe common meeting grounds Americans have lost:

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