This is where you can find the places that I get my information.. and I will add to it!

Christian’s For Donald Trump This is my own page on Facebook (yes it should not have appostraphy I did it to differentiate from another page)

Right Side Broadcasting on Facebook  Good place to see his activities

Right Side Broadcasting on Youtube (Good place to see full unedited rallies)

Hannity (one of the only Fox personality that is not in it for Hillary)

Judge Jeanine (the other Fox personality not in it for Hillary) don’t watch Fox they are starting to be more Hillary even their polls not correct

Millennial Millie (reporter for Alex Jones Show)

Paul Joseph Watson (reporter for Alex Jones)

Dennis Michael Lynch


Make America Great Again (variety of things that are showing Donald Trump activity)

Bill Still (Tracks polls)

David Seaman (Former Huffington Post Writer)

The Next News Network (Reports on real news)

Webtech Vidzette (Doctor reports on Hillary’s Health)

WikiLeaks (all the e-mails that my sources refer to)

If you find other good ones comment below!
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